10 years ago Marine Corps veteran Aaron Williamson bought a pair of lifting straps from GASP.

Personal message to GASP owner and CEO “MJ” from longtime friend and celebrity trainer Aaron Williamson.
Aaron sent me this picture the other day telling me he thought about how he first came in contact with GASP and myself. He had just realized that he bought his GASP Power Wrist Straps 10 years ago and despite being used every week for the last decade they were still holding up. He came to think about how much in life comes and goes while only certain things in life remain over a 10 year period. It made me very proud to also think about this and how true quality is rare nowadays. When you find them you value them highly and hold on to them. Needless to say I sent him a new pair and told him that I look forward to our next 10 years.

Aaron Williamson, www.aaronwilliamson.net
“works with actors, top athletes and other film personnel to help them achieve their fitness goals for films, competitive seasons or special events. Aaron is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran fueled by fitness & motivated by inspiring others! He specializes in functional training, physical performance, rehabilitation, core strengthening & stability & bodybuilding/physique transformation”.

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