100% All The Way – with Branch, Guy, and Shaun

“This year’s Olympia, now that I’m already qualified I have the whole year off now. I mean this is something I have never done before in my career. I’ve never had a full year off to prepare for just one show. Who knows what I am going to look like this year. My eyes are set on the prize and my goal is to WIN the Olympia this year. And people call me delusional, but guess what, these are the same people that said I would never turn pro, I would never win a pro show, I’d never make it to the Olympia. So you’re telling me that I would never win the Olympia? Keep saying that I’m going to make it happen!” – Shaun Clarida

Making it count on the road. We went from London to Copenhagen to Malmö, Halmstad and finally Stockholm. 100% THE WHOLE WAY!