2016 marked the 10-year anniversary of an important product in the GASP Heritage: The 1.2 Lb. Hoodie. This item is a GASP fan favorite and a defining product for the brand. In 2005, we began to work with the GASP athlete team to develop their ultimate hoodie, and the 1.2 Lb. Hoodie was created. During that period, we had a limited-edition hoodie that was pretty heavy duty, and our friends, fans and customers raved it. We only made a limited quantity of them, but we received incredible feedback and reviews. We listened closely to our community, and there was no question that we needed to deliver what they were asking for. We worked with the athlete team and discussed all their favorite features of our previous hoodies and why they enjoyed wearing them. In 2006,we began constructing what would soon become the 1.2 Lb. Hoodie. We worked with our suppliers to develop the thickest fabric we’ve ever used on any product to date, which is actually how we named the hoodie. Each square meter of fabric weighs 1.2 pounds. We lined the hood with a thick waffle thermal, along with the heaviest YKK zippers on the market that have the GASP symbol engraved in the metal. We wanted this to be the H1 Hummer of the hoodie world – rough, tough and built with passion.
Twelve years later, the 1.2 Lb. Hoodie is still one of our most sought-after products. Many GASP fans own multiples of each color – a pair of hoodies they wear to the gym and don’t mind sweating through, or another pair to keep clean and wear out and about. Our GASP athlete team always requests this hoodie and will usually buy one as a gift for a training partner or close friend. This hoodie has been the printed on time and time again and given as an overall prize on countless bodybuilding stages and powerlifting platforms, rewarding iron warriors from a job well done.
To honor this long-time GASP product and feed the hunger of GASP fans around the world, a limited-production 10 year anniversary edition of the 1.2 Lb. Hoodie was released during 2016. This black-on-black edition that offered the same heavy features of the original hoodie with a few special add-ons. The GASP logo stretched across the chest was made of 100% leather. The hood is was lined in 100% cotton thermal and had leather detailing around the edges, along with three-needle stitching on all the joints.  For now 12 years, we’ve enjoyed creating the 1.2 Lb. Hoodie for our best friends, athletes and fans, and we put that heritage into this anniversary edition that we knew everyone would enjoy. We’re proud to sew GASP across the chest of our 1.2 Lb. Hoodie that today is available in 3 colors.