A No Compromise Gym For The Iron Community

The team is enjoying China and everything from sights to food and hardcore gyms.

Start The Day Off Right

The first full day in Beijing started with breakfast at the hotel restaurant at 7AM. Roasted chicken, waffles and eggs were among the favorites before the team took off to go to The Beast Limit Power Gym.

Back Training At Its Best

The Beast Limit Power Gym is in the village of Fang Shan, southwest of Beijing. It is a gym that reminds of the original Metroflex gym in Arlington, TX. It looks and smells like hardcore training.

Johnnie, Branch and The Beast Limit Power Gym were hitting back today. This was in the middle of a packed crowd of fans who came out to meet us. Metallica was playing in the background while Johnnie and Branch hit the weights like only they can.

After training Johnnie and Branch spent time with fans answering questions, signing posters and taking pictures.

Lunch was eaten at Yanyi Yuan, a beautiful ancient Chinese style restaurant with trees, plants and ponds. Branch and Johnnie had sashimi, and tasted traditional food of Beijing like douzhier and jiaoquan. And “chou doufu” (smelly tofu), it smells funny and taste “bad”!

Impressions from the CEO

Visiting The Beast Limit Power Gym was an incredible experience. Right when you enter the gym you have 2 Harley’s parked. No doubt that this is a “I don’t give a F*ck”type of gym – a serious destination that doesn’t care about following the norm. My impression from owning a destination for the most dedicated myself is that they have divided this gym in 2 parts; one for serious bodybuilding and the other for strongman training.

In the very back of the gym they have about 25 bunk beds where people come in from all over China and get a 30 day no compromise training regime under Mr Beast Yue Yangs guidance. The focus is on learning everything about training. During these 30 days they also get their own chef cooking food and they learn how to eat to get the best gains possible. I believe that when you have a training camp for 30 days while living on site with your own chef and are getting trained by the best – then you have a pretty badass destination for the iron community. Talk about transformation galore! Closest that come to mind is like being in a Siberian work camp LOL.

Talk about food coma! The Peking duck was a great dinner experience doing kind of your own wraps with the meat. 2nd serving was on the bones of the duck. 3rd serving was a soup made on the bones. I am impressed how they eat everything on an animal here. Everything comes to use – a no compromise food game is my conclusion.