Act Like A Champion

We are in Tampa, FL home of top 212 Olympia contender Derek Lunsford. Winning the champion title used to be the “end all be all” and chief aim for Derek. Today his focus, attention to detail, and drive is to carry himself as a champion even before possibly earning the title. Simply due to the fact that you have to act like a champion to truly become one.

“I’m always striving to exceed my personal “best” to positively impact my surroundings. This together with my ambitions of actually being on a platform to impact as many people as possible, makes the goal of obtaining the 212 Olympia title a bigger mission than just the title in itself. Knowing that I put more pressure on myself for a bigger “WHY” makes me work much harder to be a champion in all aspects. It makes my pursuit of being a 212 Olympia champion even more of a relentless quest and fulfilling goal.”

Derek’s training philosophy is very similar to how he approaches life in general – with a diverse appetite and an open mind.

You’ll grow the most by learning from various philosophies and successful people. You can take the best pieces and add it to your “experience” bank that accumulates over time. At the same time you need to know what tools to use at the right time and there is always a time and place for everything. In the end, what matters is the total knowledge and there is no single way or road that is better or more complete than another. This is the same regardless if you’re talking about training, or life in general.

Check out some of the pictures from our meeting with Derek, and watch the video HERE.