Beasting It Up In Beijing

Fight Club Feeling

The Beast Limit Power Gym is like a dark dungeon. When Branch and Johnnie get together in there you can’t stop thinking about being in a underground fight club – with them in the center and the crowd around so close that it leaves just enough space to move the weights. The crowd was ecstatic and the sound from people in awe increased as they saw them instantly being back together again in their normal habits killing it and being nowhere near the retired legends of the sport they actually are.

The energy in the room was through the roof as they chanted “QIANG DU, QIANG DU” which means INTENSITY in Chinese…

Game Over

Halfway into the workout one by one trickled off the 4 man rotation of those that was trying to hang in there. It was soon game over as the weights and the reps were nothing short of crazy, as Branch and Johnnie kept on going. Doing 6 exercises in 55 minutes with max amount of reps and weights on a 4 man rotation is only a part of trying to understand the equation for those of us that had witnessed what just happened.

A Very Special and Dark Place

Not being able to hang is no disrespect to anyone and their abilities, but it’s nearly impossible for anyone to hang when you try to join a preset game that always happens in a very special and dark place. A place where the playing field between these two experienced warhorses have been set through decades of years and countless of hours, honing their extreme craft in the gym. To be able to be in this place and go the full distance is not expected by any mortal human being.

A Feeling to Remember

To see Johnnie and Branch back together again but this time in a suburb outside of Beijing in a rough neighborhood reminding us about no compomise places like Metroflex Arlington and our GASP …destination Dallas TX, made the feeling so much stronger for those who were there in person.

This day and the feeling it created within will be forever remembered.      

Full Back Workout at the Beast Limit Power Gym

Lat pulldowns:
2 warm ups x 15 reps
3 sets pyramided up in weight x 12-15 reps
Last set max weight as a double drop set – max reps on each drop 

T-bar rows:
3 sets pyramided up in weight x 12-15 reps.
Last set max weight as a double drop set – max reps on each drop

Dumbbell rows:
4 sets x 12-15 reps (pyramid up in weight each set)

Low cable rows:
4 sets x 12-15 reps (pyramid up in weight each set)

Hammer strength row:
3 sets x 10-15 reps

Rear cable fly:
4 sets x 15 reps