Big Tex Gym meets …destination Dallas Texas

Big Tex Gym meets DESTINATION Dallas in a true Iron World Tour fashion. Complete with a 20+ iron addict crew from Big Tex Gym owners Rob and Esther made the 4 hour road trip up to Dallas from Austin.

The mission: 4am wake up and haul ass to Dallas for breakfast, fit in an epic lifting session, catch a breath. Then chow down with GASP CEO Michael Johansson’s NOW world famous barbecue. Mission accomplished and next stop for GASP is IRON WORLD TOUR Austin, Texas.

The mission of the Iron World Tour is to document and show our community how the rest of the world stays inspired, how we share ideas, successes and failures. As well as how we through different languages, landmarks, religions, and cultures are loving the process, and the iron – and that the journey is what makes life worth living.