Core Fitness Gym Beijing

CORE FITNESS GYM in Beijing is a new non-commercial hardcore gymnasium that is now scarce in China. It was founded by 7 bodybuilders, graduate students and workout enthusiasts. Core Fitness Gym’s idea is to provide a pure training place for the people who really love fitness and want to change their physique. The founders of Core Fitness are really dedicated to helping everyone who wants to improve themselves and change themselves. It is located in a university area and many students train there. Especially young guns who love the hardcore training atmosphere and are relentless in their pursuit.

People there all love bodybuilding and power-lifting, and when creating this place the original intention was to make it for these people.

Core Fitness Gym’s #NoCompromise values and focus on determination and dedication fits in well with GASP’s concept.

“Less flashy, more enthusiastic. This is why we love GASP. Let every lover embrace his dream. At the same time, the correct and scientific fitness concept and methods will be disseminated to more friends. “ – Core Fitness founders