Courage Opara – Classic Physique Olympia Q&A

Courage Opara made his Olympia debut and cracked the top 10 earring him a top tier ranking in the world as a classic physique pro. This year he is viewing the Olympia as “a business trip” to improve on not only last year’s placing but last year’s physique as well.

Here is an in depth Q&A with Courage Check it out as he answers the following:
1) What improvements has he made?
2) Is classic physique judged the same as bodybuilding?
3) Can you make legit improvements when you still have to make weight?
4) Is it a mental trip to compete with instafamous competitors?
5) Expectations at this year’s olympia
6) How big of a role does posing play in Classic physique?
7) Advice to aspiring classic physique competitors.