Derek Lunsford – 4 Weeks Out

Last year at 4 weeks out from the Olympia Derek Lunsford was at his all time best in terms of having the most muscle tissue he’s ever carried while being shredded, gnarly and practically stage ready. Then he continued to pound his body into the ground with his training while continually dropping his calories. Needless to say, by the time the Olympia rolled around, his looked on game day paled in comparison to that of 4 weeks out.

Derek: We are 4 weeks out again. I am eating more food with my base diet consisting of 300 g of carbohydrates and today I doubled that. I have been eating a lot more, I am less stressed and I am feeling really confident knowing I won’t duplicate the mistakes I made last year.

GASP: How is your training and recovery since you’re eating more? Are you able to keep up the poundage as you get closer to the Olympia?

Derek: I am still at MI40 and training with a great trainer from Brazil who really knows all of the bio-mechanics, how to program training AND we think alike of certain aspects that I specifically need for my body.

We go as heavy as I can when my energy is high then after that we do what is considered the “pump” or metabolic work. The point is that I don’t just continually pound my the muscle past a certain point.

So I am having more food and lifting more efficient for my body. That compounded with being less stressed is definitely putting me at my best ever. Im definitely coming for the title!

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