Derek Lunsford – The Day is Won

Derek Lunsford was the 2018 runner-up at the 212 Olympia. He’s preparing to take the title this year. Check out what he says about the preparations and his mental strategies to get it done no matter what!

“No one will train back or legs harder than me”

This is something I have lived by throughout my bodybuilding career from the beginning to now preparing for the 2019 Olympia. It’s a frequently repeated fact that shows are won from the back. The most dominating Olympia champions have had leg and back development that was clearly on another lever than the rest of the pack.

Hard work is always part of the equation of accomplishing anything worth while. When it comes to world class accomplishments however, hard work isn’t enough. You have to be smart and efficient in addition to hard working.

How do you ensure that you train harder than everyone else?

I’m well aware of the way others train whether it be heavy and looser form sometimes or near totally void of momentum sometimes. I ensure that I train harder by continually improving the way I connect with by back and legs to get maximum stimulation 100% of the time.

“First and foremost I connect with the muscle”

After you have built up a mind muscle connection on another level, the heavy weights and form follow suite to help me, once again, train harder, more efficiently and effectively than anyone else.

The 2019 Olympia title is up for grabs. How do you feel about this?

For sure I check my emotions constantly. I only get excited when it’s time to train and do cardio. As calories get lower I need to be able to tap into excitement only when necessary.

When it comes to attention to the details that separate 1st from the rest, stress management plays a very important role. Every day I wake up and focus 100% on bodybuilding. A big stress relief for me is knowing that 100% of every single task I need to get done WILL GET DONE NO MATTER WHAT. When I wake up it is a foregone conclusion that the day is won, and that eliminates stress right off the bat!