Do The Necessary

Join us as we get to know Louis Moylan from UK. Louis trains out of Kings Gym, Croydon. He is the British National Champion of Classic Bodybuilding and his training partner is IFBB Pro James Hollingshead.

1) Describe your impression the first time you stepped into Kings Gym.

The first time I stepped into Kings Gym Croydon I was overwhelmed from the atmosphere! The gym was super busy and the music was blaring it was a sunny day and it just seemed like the perfect environment to have a great workout. The equipment looked good and the staff were really friendly along with all the gym members. Everyone was very welcoming.

2) When did you decide to relentlessly pursue competitive bodybuilding?

I first decided to compete when I met James Hollingshead in 2014. I was instantly inspired and shortly after I met him I went to watch him compete. He won the British National Finals in the Super Heavyweight Division. His face said it all! He was so happy, and I wanted to feel that same feeling. It was this day I decided I wanted to compete in Bodybuilding.

3) Competitive bodybuilding is a very unique and trying endeavor. What does this pursuit mean to you?

Bodybuilding means everything to me. It’s a huge part of my life and I can’t imagine living life without training. It gives me purpose in life and purpose when I enter the gym. The dedication and passion has always been there for me. I like the routine, I love seeing the progress in the gym and in my physique. I will be Bodybuilding for the rest of my life for sure.

4) Describe what your training approach takes physically and mentally.

Training for me now is much different since training with James under the watchful eye of Jordan Peters. I used to train very high volume with short rest periods but since I switched to lower volume and progressive overload training my physique has come on heaps and bounds, so I really thank James and Jordan for helping me transition into this type of training. Mentally you have to be willing to push yourself through the tough days when you’re tired and you don’t feel like training. Pushing yourself through plateaus and just working harder and harder everyday and keep pushing towards the end goal. You have to be very strong minded to get very far in this sport especially if your not blessed with the best genetics.

“Mentally you have to be willing to push yourself through the tough days when you’re tired and you don’t feel like training.”

5) What components are involved in making it to a world class level in Classic Bodybuilding?

Classic Bodybuilding is a beautiful side of Bodybuilding. The physique must be very aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well as having great muscularity with shape and good lines. I think competitive classic Bodybuilding is quite dependent on a mans genetics due to the fact that you want that wide shoulder to small waist ratio. You must have great symmetry and all muscle groups must compliment themselves and must be well balanced. You must also have great presentation, you need to present your physique in a beautiful art form so the judges can look at your physique and admire the hard work you have put into it.

6) Describe the energy given and received between legit training partners such as James Hollingshead and yourself.

You have to have a great connection with your training partner. You have to be able to read them and know what they’re thinking so they don’t have to tell you. You must know when they’re reaching failure on an exercise and be able to judge how much help they require to still get maximal contractions out of forced reps. You have to uplift them on days when they’re not. Feeling great and most important of all you must motivate them to train as hard as they can and push themselves beyond their own abilities.

7) What is coming up for you in terms of competitions?

I am already a British National Champion in the classic division just losing out on overall for the pro Card by 1 point! The goal for me this year is to turn pro in the IFBB Pro league. I have an upcoming show this weekend in Spain which is the Big Man Weekend Show in April 28th! I will also be competing at the Toronto Pro Qualifier Show On May 31st. I may compete in other competitions but these are the two that are confirmed for now!

8) What does it take to be a professional in this sport?

I truly believe that in order to be a professional in this sport you need to start acting like a professional beforehand. How willing are you to keep strict and consistent on the nutrition and training during the off season and not get out of shape? Branch Warren always said that people tend to miss meals and not take their nutrition seriously during the off season and they’re losing out on a lot of muscular growth due to this and that’s one thing that both me and James take great pride in. We are willing to eat clean in the off season, do cardio everyday in the off season and stay on track with everything and the proof is sitting there when you look at the progress in our physiques.