Don’t Beat Around The Bush – IWT New York Recap

The east coast is known for being more abrasive, forward and anti “beat around the bush.” Boston, New York, New Jersey all have a “say what you mean and mean what you say”attitude and this carries over into the gym. No bullshit, let’s get it done!

Hardcore mentality is part of why the east coast is home to some of the best hard core training facilities in the world to name a few Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym in Long Island, New York, Apollon Gym in Edison, New Jersey and a brand new gym that meets the approval of Guy Cisternino, Shaun Clarida and Vlad Petri; Iron Culture, New Jersey.

We take Derek Lunsford from sunny Tampa Florida to the backyard of east coast residents Chris Pantano, Vlad Petric, Shaun Clarida, and Guy Cisternino.

Check out all the sights, conversations and training from this installment of the Iron World Tour and stay tuned for New Jersey, Denver and a 4 city tour coming up in China!