GASP goes China!

Branch Warren and Johnnie Jackson have pushed each other from the beginning of their careers and throughout to become world class, successful athletes and huge bodybuilding icons. Now they come back together for a huge clash of cultures, training and inspiration as we all embark on a 4 city excursion on our IRON WORLD TOUR CHINA.

CEO Michael Johansson explains why a visit to China has been made a priority for GASP:

“We are visiting China to see how they all live #nocompromise in the far east. We share the world with a huge population of like-minded people and it is so fulfilling and awesome to see and share how they do it in their neighborhoods, cities and countries.

We are going there with GASP original heavy hitters Branch Warren and Johnnie Jackson, the original “train insane/do or die” crew on a 4 city tour that includes Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Hangzhou. We are bringing their interpretation of no compromise to meet China’s interpretation of the same lifestyle.”

“No one owes you a damn thing, but if you work hard enough, you can have anything you want in life.” Branch Warren

We will meet up with China’s strongest man Yue Yang to train at Beast Gym in Beijing but also to train alongside the everyday hardcore blue collar lifter that lives and breathes GASP in and out of the gym.

The mission of the Iron World Tour is to document and show our community how the rest of the world stays inspired, how we share ideas, successes and failures. As well as how we through different languages, landmarks, religions, and cultures are loving the process, and the iron – and that the journey is what makes life worth living.

“Train to be the best. Push through the pain!” – Johnnie Jackson