Guy Cisternino – An Impossible Comeback

After double shoulder surgery 2019, Guy Cisternino relentlessly pursues a comeback which tests his strengths both mentally and physically.

“Everybody said the comeback was impossible because of the double shoulder surgery. Then I got my ass kicked once and the people were like, “He’s done.” Then I got the shit kicked out of me again and people were like, “He’s too old,” then I said fuck that and went for a third one – and got beat again.”

The comeback was not a walk in and cash in type of situation. Guy Cisternino had to fight tooth and nail and most importantly get knocked down not 1 or 2 times but 4 times and get up AGAIN and claim his comeback win.

“There is one show left to figure out if I deserve to be a pro bodybuilder, to be able to call myself one of the elite.”

Here is some of the interview excerpts between Guy Cisternino and GASP CEO Michael Johansson and of course some hardcore back training (one of 3 workouts in 2 days) at the new DESTINATION Gym.