History of the Vintage T-Back

The history of the Vintage T-Back goes way back to 2005 and today it’s one of the most Iconic GASP products. The Vintage T-Back is probably also one of the most sold tank tops over time globally (+110 countries) and it has been on countless Bodybuilding magazine covers throughout the years.

Most Pros have over time done their workouts and shoots in this tank top and if you do an internet search on the product name you will find a huge legacy of historic pictures of famous athletes, many being legends from the last 14 years up until todays leading stars, wearing the Vintage T-Back.

The GASP Vintage T-back has a classic cut and is available in 7 colors. With an extra attention to details and long-lasting quality over the years, it’s easy to find great testimonials around this product, convincing us that most examples from the early batches are still in use. If you have an early production GASP Vintage T-back going back to the years 2005-2007 we would love to hear back from you so that we can get a chance to continue documenting the history (please get in touch and a reward is waiting).