Hunter Labrada – Pro Debut Arm Training

If you train inhibited you tarnish your results. If you train uninhibited you grow. That is exactly what Hunter Labrada is finally able to do since before winning the Junior USA in 2018 and making it through a painful prep for the NPC Nationals to turn pro November 2018.

“I am finally hitting full stride and in uncharted territory (in regards to size and training capacity).”

The New York Pro is the biggest and most prestigious, and on that note, the toughest Pro Show to win outside of the Arnold Classic and Olympia. Needless to say Hunter is making a ballsy goal for his Pro debut BUT given the fact that he can actually train the way he wants and ultimately needs to train, it looks like he is well on his way to a successful rookie competitive year!

Here Hunter drives up to Dallas Texas to link up with the GASP team and CEO for a couple days. Arms and hamstrings were on his training agenda.

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