Hunter Labrada – Pursuing Greatness

Yes you need some badass legs to win the New York Pro. Badass legs and a badass back. Here we are pursuing greatness.

Hunter Labrada is in Dallas with GASP CEO Michael Johansson visiting the new bigger and more accommodating phase 2 of Destination Dallas and Texas headquarters for GASP and the iron community. Along with the 34ft ceilings and dedicated podcast rooms, meeting rooms, and lifestyle areas this place is gearing up to deliver something truly one of a kind.

“Everything about the space is perfect for a gym and then having the offices right there, its going to be a very cool environment for the employees and gym members that’s for sure!” – Hunter Labrada

Hunter spells out his hamstring focused day later on at Destination. From muscle function to execution, its a very methodical approach to training with no lack of “till the wheels fall off.” Definitely everything needed to be a big disruptor in his rookie season and debuting at the New York Pro.