All Out at Loaded

Saturday was spent in Copenhagen. The team visited Loaded Gym for training and mingle and also got a chance to see some of the city.

Loaded Gym is owned by long time GASP friend Stellan Bossen. The gym has been open for 5 years and it recently expanded. Stellan is also, as of 9 years back, the promoter of the fitness and bodybuilding show Loaded Cup. Loaded Cup is one of the biggest amateur competitions in the Nordics.

We took a moment to talk to Stellan and get some thoughts from him:
“If something is black or white it is really good. I have never liked the grey parts. Either you fuckin’ like it or your don’t. I was talking to a guy the other day and he asked me “What’s your plan B?” and I looked at him and said what? I don’t have a plan B. I only have plan A. I have never been all about making money, that’s not black and white, I am not all about making money. If I don’t like it and feel it, I don’t do it. The gym (Loaded Gym) I like. It gives me joy. I like seeing people coming to the gym dropping 30 kilos or getting bigger arms or a six pack and getting joy out of it. That’s what I like. I like to see people having joy and having fun. If I want to promote another contest (like Loaded Cup) it has to be the best show again. Either you do it all-out or you don’t. You like it or you don’t. There you go again NO COMPROMISE.” -Stellan Bossen