Final Call…

“During the GASP Iron World Tour we are documenting things that are happening ALL of the time. We should travel more, we should meet more people, we should discuss more ideas about cultures, business, opportunities, and perspectives.” – Michael Johansson, CEO

The teams last morning in London was going to consist of a solid traditional English breakfast, a few local sights and a trip to the airport. However, London got to keep the GASP Iron World Tour a little longer as the team made it all the way through lunch before they realized they should’ve been at the airport.

“This tour is a blast, we travel, train, meet new people and discuss new ideas with passion and purpose.” – IWT Team

“All of the sights so far, training at King’s, experiencing Britain, meeting a ton of new fans of so many nationalities is so awesome. This gives you a different outlook on life for sure! This is extremely cool and there is never a dull moment.” – Guy Cisternino

“Kings gym was awesome. Truly! If I lived in London, I would train there. I can say that the best part of my career has been TRAVEL. I can say that I have friends all over the world. James Hollingshead and Louis Moylan went out of their way to take care of us here at this stop in London. It was great to meet new fans, without the fans there is no tour. This tour definitely gives a different perspective especially since I am not competing anymore. We are just getting started! This is the perfect way to promote the lifestyle. Train big, eat big, LIVE BIG!” – Branch Warren

At arrival in Stockholm, Sweden, Shaun Clarida joined from NY and the team of now 5 is getting ready for a road-trip towards Copenhagen, Denmark in the morning. Shaun is excited to join the team from following the activities the past few days on a distance.

“Bodybuilding has opened so many doors for me. I have been all over the world however this is my first time in Europe and I get to visit Denmark and all over Sweden! I am so amped up after watching the guys at King’s Gym and I am looking forward to the meet ups, the training, the sight seeing and meeting all of our friends and fans!” – Shaun Clarida

When everyone had signed out for the evening, Michael Johansson and Nick Del Toro went to the hotel gym for an arm workout. #nocompromises