Raw Lifting

“We’ve had an absolutely amazing day and evening at Iron Works Gothenburg! Social belonging, family, friendship, food and all out workouts cranking up the volume. These were the big themes today and our stop at Iron works was one of the highlights of our journey!” – Michael Johansson, GASP CEO

The team made it to Gothenburg Sunday evening knowing that Monday would be a full day at Iron Works Gym with new and old GASP friends like Lars Berglund and Christofer Nober. Besides training, the team also got a few meals in together.

Branch Warren says: “Tonight at Iron Works was good!” Talking to Guy: “I told you, when you’re tired, and don’t feel like training, that’s when you have the best workouts. Just show up, we’ve got you.”

Branch Warren, Guy Cisternino and Shaun Clarida blasted back at Iron Works Gothenburg in true No Compromise fashion.

Referring to how we deliver the video to you all Branch Warren comments: “Don’t edit too much. No voice over. Just let it run raw. Raw lifting! That’s what will get them wanting to tear it up.”
Stay tuned for the raw and real video from todays’ back workout!