Road Trip Getting Brutal?

Road trip getting brutal?
Shaun Clarida: “No, this is the fun part of the trip. Again, we are bouncing from city to city, visiting different gyms, meeting different fans. This is the thing I love about this travel. So no, its not a pain in the ass.”

The team woke up and left Copenhagen, crossed the bridge to Sweden and headed to Malmö to meet up with pro bodybuilder Ahmad Ahmad.

They had a serious chow session at a Middle Eastern restaurant where they had the works brought to the table. The food was everything from starters that consisted of hummus and tabbouleh, to Branch’s Masgouf (large fresh water fish), Shauns chicken and rice wrap, and MJ’s beef and chicken platter.

After the meal they all met up with Arne Persson the owner of Muscle Zone to get a tour of his facility.

The Iron World Tour had a meet and greet with all the members at Muscle Zone which also included a pose down with Jesper Kvarnhammar and Shaun Clarida.

After the Muscle Zone visit the team drove to Halmstad to check in at the hotel for the night and prepare for training at Gladius Gym.

At Gladius Gym the GASP CEO Michael Johansson interviewed Karl Svärd, one of the two owners. The other owner is Alex Svärd, Karls brother. Michael wanted to catch what the motivations were to conceive this epic place to train and cater to serious minded individuals. The Svärd brothers wanted Gladius Gym to be a polar opposite to the big box gyms and have its identity based on personal service, as well as being free from unnecessary rules (there are no written rules to be found anywhere in the gym).