Johnnie Jackson – Heavy Arm Training

Heavy compound lifts build strength which translates to new tissue which recruits for muscle fibers and builds strength which builds EVEN MORE TISSUE and on and on. The point is that when the heavy compound movements are replaced with lighter weights in the “pump and pose” reps range over and over, strength gains are limited and the look of the physique lacks the dense and granite hard look.

Johnnie Jackson performs a typical high volume biceps and triceps workout with a variety of exercises including the “meat and potatoes” lifts like close grip bench presses, skull crushers and dumbbell curls. These lifts are seemingly used more sparingly these days and Johnnie has a thing or two to say about that.

Stay tuned for more of Johnnie as he revs up his old school bodybuilding training to build himself back up and show what a real dense “hard-earned” physique looks like.