Leaving The Big Apple

We woke up with the Big Apple on the backdrop. After taking a moment to soak up the views we headed for breakfast and a catch up with Better Bodies founder Brian Moss. It’s always a pleasure to catch up with a person who had visions 40 years ago that are still highly relevant in today’s society. To listen and learn from today’s discussions with Brian is a definitive guide to a successful understanding of the future.

Respect in the iron sport comes from equality in the lifestyle we live and that echoes well with the spirit within GASP and ideas around a new segment of products could just have been born from this discussion…

One more gym visit was on the agenda as we took the trip to Iron Culture Gym. This gym have just opened its doors and the owners Arthur, Charlie, and Sergio went all in to create their dream gym, Iron Culture.

This gym is quickly becoming a destination for those who want an old school type of gym with loud music. The owners also prefer it clean and nice and an important part of their concept is that hardcore don’t need to mean dirty… Hardcore can be clean and efficient.