Lifting Heavy: A Universal Language

Yang Liu a seasoned lifter from China with a great level of base strength has been corresponding with strength coach Josh Bryant (USA) from Beijing via email to take his lifts and of course all around strength and hypertrophy to the next level. Here, they are finally able to link up in person for some one on one instruction, trouble shooting and execution.

The Beast Yue Yang’s gym, Beast Limit Power Gym, in outer Beijing offer the perfect environment for lifters, strongmen and bodybuilders that don’t want to fuck around. This is the perfect setting for Josh and Yang to get some work in.

“The Beast is not just a character but he is legit strong. He brings a very positive energy to every situation and I have to say I like him and his style.”
– Josh Bryant

“My PR for deadlift was 240 kilos and today I was able to rep that our like nothing. I feel that Josh really helped me today.”
– Yang Liu

Check out the cues Josh gives Yang in the video above and tune in for more world class training information from Josh constantly at