Like Coming Home – IWT New Jersey Recap

We were just in Manhattan and then hit up the East Coast Mecca aka Bev’s Powerhouse in Syosset, New York. Now we are in Englewood and Edison New Jersey with Derek Lunsford, Vlad Petric and Michael Johansson.

Thanks to the great recommendation from Vlad, we link up at Bobby Bournias Brownstone Pancake Factory. This place is world famous having been featured on national and international food television networks. Their claim to fame are the epic dishes, more notably the pancakes, desserts and amazing breakfast menu along the flawless attention to detail.

Michael Johansson, Derek and Vlad discuss the origins of the success of the Brownstone franchise and connect it to the enjoyment of the process similar to that of bodybuilding, powerlifting and any physique sport.
“I always say it’s like a destination.” Bobby referring to Brownstone becoming the place to be for all kinds of celebratory meals, not intending to create a pun connecting to …destination, Dallas, Texas.

The common denominators between Bobby and the GASP crew were numerous and made it feel like “coming home” on our first visit to the Brownstone Pancake Factory.

After fueling up at Brownstone we haul ass to Edison, New Jersey to one of Guy Cisternino’s home gyms Apollon Gym. Here the crew splits up and slang some iron in true no compromise fashion. Derek and Shaun are gearing up for the 2019 Mr. Olympia, Guy Cisternino was preparing for the Chicago pro and Tampa pro contests, Chris Pantano is full offseason mode along with Vlad still deep in his offseason preparing for his pro debut in his home country of Romania.

Stay tuned to for the epic 4 city tour to China with GASP OG’s Branch Warren and Johnnie Jackson.