Mile High Chest Training With Joe Robinson

Joe Robinson is preparing for the 2019 NPC Nationals. Here he is in Denver and at Armbrust Pro Gym for the Iron World Tour together with Branch Warren, Adam Young and Brett Wilkin.

When it comes to training Joe Robinson, thanks to his football and athletic background, has only one setting which is all-out volume, weight and intensity. When it comes to strategy Joe prioritizes upper chest placing incline movements first in his regimen.

This is Joe Robinsons full chest workout:
1. Incline dumbbell presses: 7 sets (3 warm up sets) 60lb x 10 reps, 80lbs x 10 reps, 100lbs x 10 reps, 120 x 10 reps, 140 x 8 reps, 150 x 10 reps, 170 x 9 reps
2. Hammer incline press: 3 plates x 12 reps, 4 plates x 12 reps, 5 plates x 8 reps (dropset to one plate for max reps on every drop)
3. Converging chest press: 4 sets x 15 reps (drop set on the last set)
4. Fly machine: 4 sets x 15 reps