No Compromises – A Philosophy Transcending Cultures

From Beijing to Shanghai, the IWT China is set up with a busy schedule and this is only the first part! See this first leg of the trip from Branch and Johnnies view as they visit popular tourist spots, eat local food, trains hard, and inspire the Chinese bodybuilding community.

“These guys are 15 years older than you at least. If their motivation is higher than yours there’s a problem.” Michael Johansson explaining to Chinese national level bodybuilder Zhou Chen the level of intensity he needs to bring to the table.

Intensity is key to anyone trying carve their own way and break through with their goals, ideas, dreams or whatever the case may be. It is when the going gets tough that you find out if any individual really wants these goals, ideas or dreams to become reality.

Branch Warren and Johnnie Jackson come to Shanghai to spread their combined 45+ years of experience in bodybuilding to meet and greets and seminars and training sessions all over Shanghai and we document the whole thing for you guys.

No Compromise is definitely a philosophy that transcends cultures, religions, race and creed. Enough said.