No Risk, No Reward – Michael Johansson

Early Tuesday morning, GASP CEO Michael Johansson is here outside of …destination, Dallas, Texas.

“I just want to show you this is the way you look when you work hard and play hard. If you don’t take any chances and you don’t have any struggle, you can’t have any reward. This weekend I came up short on a big double at my favorite motocross track. I went down, took a tumble. Got up, brushed off the dust. I still feel really good about the weekend because I know if there is no struggle or risk there is no reward.

More importantly, it colors everything in our life (not only my eye apparently). We are going to China on Thursday. IRON WORLD TOUR! Myself with Branch Warren, Johnnie Jackson and Nick Del Toro are all hitting up China. We leave on Thursday and arrive on Friday local time. It is going to be 12 days of fun, but with a super hectic schedule. We are going to visit a lot of cool sights and landmarks of China. The great wall and The Forbidden City are among some of the sights but also China’s oldest gym. We’ll meet with The Beast China’s Strongest Man and have some really fun moments together.

I want to reiterate that none of this would be possible without taking some chances and without struggles because even the simplest things like getting up in the morning and brushing your teeth takes effort. Everything in life is a struggle sometimes and everything around us is changing. We just need to be prepared to expect and tackle the struggle and risk and the reward.

Have big dreams, make them into goals – and then go after it.

For me, the big China tour is a big milestone in my world around GASP and everything that we have been doing for the last 15 years with the brand. Being able to do the China tour is an epic milestone for me and hopefully for you also. Keep following us on see the updates of the IRON WORLD TOUR as we travel through China. Having Branch and Johnnie together after all these years as training partners I am sure there will be some really good workouts to be seen. Let’s have fun and make sure that you also take some calculated chances and risks and reap the rewards from your efforts.”