Pro GASP Hood – Checking All The Boxes

For GASP, the hoodie is a symbolic piece that has stuck with us throughout the years. We’ve had several long lasting hoodies and something they all have in common is that they truly represent GASP and its values. We put a lot of effort went into our hoodies and with the Pro GASP Hood we did our best to have all of our accumulated experience put into one hoodie that goes next level with the difficult task of remaining an understatement while maintaining GASP quality and fit. By its popularity we can see that it’s checking all the right boxes as a GASP hoodie.

Pro GASP Hood is a classic GASP pro level hoodie in a clean yet heavy duty look. It has tone on tone details with the GASP Industries print along the arm, embroidered GASP logo on chest and 3D embroidery on the hood. It has been around for a while in black but the recent release in Maroon is a great choice for those that want to have an subtle but still different color on their new hood.