Shaun Clarida and Derek Lunsford – Operation 2020

After the 2019 212 Olympia Shaun Clarida successfully closed the gap even further between him and the 212 Olympia title. Derek Lunsford maintained the runner up and most bitter sweet spot in bodybuilding in second place behind winner Kamal. Both are hungrier and more motivated than ever to do WHATEVER NECESSARY to seal the deal on nothing short of a win next year.

Here they are both in Texas for the opening of DESTINATION phase 2. As many of you all know DESTINATION is the North American home base for GASP and true home for every part of the iron sport including bodybuilding, powerlifting and strongman.

Check out Shaun and Derek train shoulders as they gear up for their offseason and stay tuned as we bring you constant updates from them on GASPOFFICIAL.COM.