Steve Kuclo and Tommy Vext – Bad Wolves Back and Shoulder Training

“It’s very important to talk about why fitness is important to people. Me, I lost 90lbs many years ago. My aunt died from morbid obesity. Sugar addiction, alcoholism, drug addiction, and mental illness are all things that for me, drives me to taking care of my body, learning about nutrition, learning about function workouts and strength.”

Tommy Vext, lead singer from the band Bad Wolves links up with Steve Kuclo at destination Dallas after Steve posed to his song Zombie in the 2019 Mr. Olympia. Being that Bad Wolves are currently on tour, their schedule is hectic but Tommy meets up with Steve to hit shoulders, biceps and back. Tommy and bassist Kyle are riding a high since their new album is killing it on the charts ranking #2 on iTunes most downloaded record in USA and is on top of the charts for rock!