The GASP Utility Jacket

The GASP Utility Jacket is a signature GASP jacket in a aviator style inspired by the B15 Air Frame Flight Jacket.

As usual when it comes to our jackets and hoodies we make #nocompromises in the design process as we work with athletes like Branch Warren, Johnnie Jackson, and Guy Cisternino. They all contribute to make the fit the best even for the most advanced Bodybuilders and their physiques.

The GASP Utility Jacket is loaded with custom details such as big envelope pockets, an inside pocket, a logo badge at the chest, and inside lining in contrast color.

For the opportunity to personalize your GASP Utility Jacket we’ve added a high grade Velcro patch on the sleeve. We have some Velcro badges in our assortment (sold separately).

We’ve also added a zip in the back lining which allows for customized printing or embroidery on the back of your GASP Utility Jacket. Adding a personal touch is always fun and with this feature you have the option to make your GASP Utility Jacket one of a kind.