The “Giant Killer” Is Ready for Olympia

The “Giant Killer” is not a new nick name. History has had several giant killers in the form of Franco Columbu and Danny Padilla from the golden era of bodybuilding to Dave Henry who first mixed it up with a lot of open competitors and was the original 202 Showdown champion. Shaun Clarida no doubt started out smaller than all the above however has always maintained an unwavering belief in himself. He is an anomaly when it comes to internal drive.

GASP: The most dominating champ in 212 history, Flex Lewis is not competing in the 212 Olympia this year. What does this do for your motivation?

Shaun Clarida: I am training harder and heavier than ever. I always train to win every contest however Flex Lewis was always at the top of the 212 division and has set a new standard for our class. Having said that, no one in the lineup after Flex is as dominating and complete as he is. For this fact, I am super motivated and training for a top placing this year at the Olympia.

GASP: It seems you are continually lifting heavier and heavier as the Olympia approaches. How are you able to do this as you get further into the contest diet?

Shaun Clarida: Making weight for the 212 Olympia has never been an issue. They dont call me the Giant Killer for no reason. I was 160 at the 2018 Olympia. I have over 50lbs of room to grow into my class. Right now I am in way better shape than last year and way ahead of schedule with 10lbs of extra muscle. I am able to lift heavier and harder because I am eating to fuel my workouts. I am having to incorporate refeeds and cheat meals that further fuel my training and recovery. I am in no way deprived for this Olympia diet.

GASP: Your physique is another year more mature. What are the most noticeable improvements you have made? 

Shaun Clarida: My chest has always been a focus of mine. Last year I was able to build roundness that surprised a lot of people. This year my chest and especially my back is rounder and fuller. My chest and back have been most noticeable, but even 2lbs on a 5’2” frame is huge. I put 10lbs of lean tissue on so needless to say my arms, shoulders and legs are ALL bigger and fuller! 

Shaun Clarida has a competitive history that earned him the Giant Killer nick name. History is looking to repeat itself this Olympia weekend in Las Vegas!