The Mile High Mecca

Day two of Iron world tour Denver. We meet up at union station downtown Denver for breakfast then head out to Colorado’s great outdoors. First stop is the Red Rocks and outdoor amphitheater – home of some truly impressive rock formations and amazing outdoor concerts. Next is the grave site of Buffalo Bill. Then quick stop to fuel up at Tokyo Joe’s (Denver is home to the original). And finally – training back and legs at Armbrust Pro Gym.

Dylan and the mile high Mecca crew deliver again with the potent energy and atmosphere that is within the Armbrust brand!

GASP CEO Michael Johansson catching up with Dylan Armbrust.

“It was cool man, I could train there everyday! The equipment and atmosphere for 1. The layout also. The fact that you have an entire leg room too, and it’s not a small room. Dylan definitely did an amazing job with Armbrust Pro Gym. It was so motivating. I was looking around and noticed everyone is swole in this b****.” – Joe Robinson on the atmosphere and environment that Dylan creates with Armbrust Pro Gym.

Joe also comments on the outdoors:
“It’s beautiful out here. I’ve been to Arizona and California but as far as going sightseeing, this was very cool. It gives a new perspective and everything slows down. Everyone is used to the hustle and bustle then you come out here and everything slows down and you get that work-life balance that you need. I also see why Denver is one of the fittest cities in the country, because everyone is outside doing something (riding bikes, walking trails, climbing up mountains etc).”

Branch on Ambrust Pro Gym and the sights in Denver:
“It’s one of the few gyms left that you can go in and train real hard and they encourage it. So much attention to detail and hand picking the best equipment. That’s why probably all the best athletes in Colorado train there. Dylan has definitely made it The Mile High Mecca. As for the outdoors here in Colorado – it’s one of the most beautiful places on earth. I love this place!”