Til’ The Wheels Fall Off

Derek Lunsford finished 2nd in the 212 Mr. Olympia last year. Joe Robinson is a super heavyweight bodybuilder chipping away at earning pro status in the IFBB. Both have alpha personalities and have built their physiques through grit and hard ass work. They link up for an off-season, heavy leg workout here at …destination Dallas.

Being that Derek and Joe both love training in there respective ways, Derek has adopted a very controlled execution vs Joe – a heavy and “til’ the wheels fall off” execution. Here they merge the two forms to achieve a super efficient but also “fun” workout.

Derek explains the different thought processes he has adopted behind all of the key movements in todays’ workout and needless to say thoroughly fried both of their quads and hamstrings.

Currently Derek is in his growing phase preparing for this years Mr. Olympia competition and Joe Robinson is also in his building phase for a legitimate run at his professional status in 2020.

Check out the video from their workout!