Touchdown in Denver

Just walking in the Denver International airport to baggage claim, loaded down with training accessories and meals in carry-on luggage, Joe Robinson could feel the altitude. 

We have arrived in the Mile High City!

Michael Johansson, Joe Robinson, and Nick Del Toro immediately link up with Dylan Armbrust, Brett Wilkin, and Adam Young at Armbrust Pro Gym confirming next day plans to capture some of the sights that make Denver a true outdoor destination. We are all greeted with awesome hospitality from Dylan and a potent atmosphere from the facility that you can really breathe in as soon as you walk in.

Next order of business is chest day for Joe and back for Adam Young. One of Joe’s main objectives is taking the blue and orange pair of old Denver Bronco dumbbells weighing 170lbs each for a ride.

With Brett Wilkins with the spot Joe cranks out a solid 9 reps (maybe altitude change robbed him the 10th). “Those things are for the big boys.” Brett Wilkin referring to the token pair of dumbbells.

What to expect next day:

“Im not passing up a chance to use their leg room. I have never used some of the equipment they have in there. It’s badass.” Joe Robinson

Adam Young and Joe Robinson will team up for a leg day that’ll really test Joe at the different altitude. “I may get checked training legs at this altitude.” Joe giving fair warning to Adam. It will be back day for Branch Warren and Brett Wilkin. Then later dinner at Dylan Armbrust’s house.

Stay tuned to everything from this installment of the Iron World Tour coming at you from Denver, Colorado.