Welcomed By Chinese Traditions

The GASP crew CEO Michael Johansson, Branch Warren, Johnnie Jackson and Nick Del Toro boarded the plane in Dallas yesterday and landed 14 hours later in Beijing.

We were all greeted upon arrival by a very enthusiastic group consisting of Yang Liu, “The Beast” Yue Yang and the crew from the Beast Limit Power Gym.

After loading up into a caravan of three vehicles we went straight to a restaurant where we were served customary lamb.

“It is customary to serve very high profile guests this type of lamb. This restaurant specializes in this dish. How we eat it is: first we barbecue it and then we eat the first layer, then we put it back on the barbecue and eat the meat and then we put it back on the barbecue again and then we eat the bones.” – Yang Liu

We were served the largest lamb that was available and it took the whole crew 2 hours to finish the meal. Full and exhausted from the trip we planned the next day and went to check in at the hotel near Beast Limit Power gym to rest up for training, seminars, more food and meeting the Chinese fans.

Branch and Johnnie are both excited to be on this trip and they are getting ready for some real #NoCompromise workouts together.

It’s been a while since you’ve seen us together but get ready!”
– Branch Warren

“You’ve heard me say it before and I’ll say it again, it don’t get no better than this.”– Johnnie Jackson