You can’t cut corners

“Meeting successful people all day today and discovering their driving forces and motivation was a big reinforcement to our own “why”.” –Michael Johansson

We set out to New Jersey to meet up with Vlad Petric, Derek Lunsford and Michael Johansson at Brownstone Pancake Factory in Inglewood New Jersey. It is a very popular (especially among the fitness community), friendly and needless to say packed local eatery with a very passionate creator who is taking his second generation family legacy to the next level. “You can’t cut corners” and “Learn to enjoy the process” were two major components of our discussions with Bobby the owner of Brownstone Pancake Factory.

Bobby being a fitness fanatic himself talked in length about the importance of having a tight team of coworkers that also shares the vision to be a vital part of delivering high quality “over the top” products, and never cut corners on that mission.

As you walk into the kitchen the headline “Magicians at work” illustrates Bobby’s attention to details and he relates that to how he sees his more extreme friends who are pursuing their bodybuilding careers on a world class level.

It was consensus among our group that the food was amazing the service was likewise amazing.

Fueled up and ready to go we hit up the one and only Apollon Gym in Edison, New Jersey. Rob Samborsky The owner of Apollon have mastered the hardcore atmosphere and emphasize the importance of keeping his gym old school. He swears that staying true to the concept of working hard with everyone in his team being on-board on the mission to never cut corners, is his road to success.

To cap off the end of the day we headed out to none other than Guy Cisternino parents house. Here we were welcomed with very open and hospitable arms and had an abundant of delicious Italian style re-feed food.

The day was nothing short of completely epic and Vlad concludes the day very good with his own words that sums up the journey and meeting amazing people: “There are specific elements to reaching a certain level of success in any chosen craft and you can’t compromise on anything that steers you from that main objective.” – Vlad Petric