Calvin Gotland – Flip The Switch

Any chance you can talk about this “switch?”
This switch to turn on, and stay on unwavering is super interesting and a common theme for GASP. What is it? How does this eliminate everything other than the goal? What does it do to you, your mind etc?

“It’s only when there is a valuable goal I can really turn it on to be honest, it’s a massive state of obsessive selfishness where simply nothing else matters but what I can bring to the stage and anything that can be of a distraction is eliminated from my daily scenario, this can be close people too which is unfortunate but once I’m in that mindset I’m tunnel vision. It’s almost like a do or die scenario, and I say it to that extreme because during the process of prep I’m sooo hard on myself I exhaust myself of the goal, no stone left un-turned and nobody else responsible for anything that goes on so I can’t blame when things don’t go my way. I’m in charge of my destiny, so to do anything out of line I’m kinda like my own mental coach saying well if you gonna slack there don’t bother competing, winners don’t step foot out of line, winners don’t prioritize anything other than the goal, winners don’t have balance, winners care about winning and whatever winning consists of… I must do. I already know I’m not the most genetically blessed, so that just means the work rate has to go up. And I will continue to press forward with this mindset til’ I prove to nobody but myself that hard work will always pay.” – Calvin Gotland