Meet Sergey Kulaev

We meet Russian Pro Bodybuilder Sergey Kulaev and ask him some questions to get to know him.

Where are you from?
I was born in Gudermes, but the war started there and my parents moved to another place. Now I live in St. Petersburg, where I have established a family.

What are your stats?
My height is 180 cm, weight in the off-season reaches 140 kg (309 lbs), competitive 120-121 kg (266 lbs).

Have you always been interested in training?
Yes, I always played sports to this I was taught by my father, he always said that I should be a strong and kind man, which is what happened. Well, bodybuilding is the one sport that I stuck with

How did you become a Pro?
In 2014, I first went to Arnold classic in the us and took 3rd place. In 2015, I already took 2nd place. Well, in 2016 I became the undisputed champion of Arnold classic among Amateurs, which allowed me to become a professional.

How is the local bodybuilding scene where you live?
Bodybuilding in Russia is developing very slowly, and the professional division grows very slowly, if we talk about the Amateurs there are a lot of good athletes, but not professionals .

Do you plan all training and diet by yourself?
My trainer lives in Kuwait, and he writes me a diet consisting mainly of fish, beef, chicken, rice, eggs and sweet potatoes, in Russia I eat more chicken, oatmeal, rice, and buckwheat.

When you’re not training, what are you up to?
I have two jobs, the main one is as a coach at the fitness center where I train. I’m not fussy and can adjust to any conditions.

Do you have any upcoming competition plans?
My main focus now is to qualify for Mr. Olympia. I’ve got Chicago-Pro, and Tampa-Pro coming up and I am confident I’ll qualify.