Becoming A GASP Ambassador

To both existing and potential new ambassadors of GASP…

We have ambassadors on all levels and ambitions in our team. They all have one thing in common and that is the relentless pursuit of hardcore training.

We would like to offer our GASP community a chance to be like a fly on the wall and see what happens when we meet other great people for workouts, when we travel, and especially when we get together sharing a meal. It’s all about the life in the trenches of the Iron Sport. This journey happens 365 days a year, 24/7 and all over the world. We have constant requests from our community to share the journey with everyone, and now we want know;where are YOU going next?
Send us a few lines and some cool pictures from your trip while you are there and we will make good use of the content in various ways through social media and blog posts here on our website.  

Now we are looking for more people who wants to join our inner circle. We don’t necessarily seek the “insta-famous” people, but rather you who connect well with the GASP values and who have a strong leadership position around your friends and peers on a local grassroots level.

If you are reading this and feel that you have what it takes or if you know a friend who does, then

We are working hard to increase the content from our community on the site. One of the most important things you can do is to help your friends and followers to find their way around the GASP site, as well as sharing YOUR journey with us.

Thanks for being a part of the family and spreading the word about GASP around the world with us.

Michael Johansson
[email protected]

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