Standard Issue Tee

The Standard Issue Tee is one of the best selling tees in the GASP assortment and was introduced as part of our “Giving Back” program. The GASP giving back program was created with an ambition to give back to the GASP community and make some GASP products even more accessible for the community without giving up on any qualities that has been created around our standards. This means that GASP offers an entry level price on a product that normally has a higher price.

A cold pigment oil dye process gives the Standard Issue Tee the right vintage look and with its versatile look and fit, it is suitable for all occasions.

GASP athletes Branch, Johnnie, Hunter, and Joe all have this tee as one of their all-time favorites which confirms that you can never really go wrong having the Standard Issue Tee in your wardrobe as one of the essentials from GASP.