Overload for Building Massive Arms

Destination Dallas Texas is the home base of Better Bodies and GASP. Destination is a place for everyone interested in bodybuilding and fitness, where the focus lies in hard training and any unnecessary norms and expectations from the society are left outside.

This is a place where we create social belonging regardless of background, color, sex or creed. An open-door type of destination that is more like an extension of our own living room.

The environment is truly judgement free, and we are a diverse crowd of like-minded people.

Finding a good training companion or gym partner may kick your training motivation up a notch. It can also enable you to push yourself above the limits you had originally set for yourself, consciously or unconsciously.

We never turn down an opportunity to capture our dedicated athletes in their pursuit for excellence and we are proud to have a very diverse and mixed group of GASP athletes that frequently train at Destination. Not always do they know each other before they walk through the door, but the language of GASP and the gym is the same for everyone and at Destination we are all equals.

With our videos and content we aim to inspire and give you some extra ammunition on your personal fitness journey, wherever your starting point may be or whatever you aim to achieve.

In this arm training feature we meet up with Hunter Labrada, Joe Mackey, and Jonathan Irizarry for some serious arm building exercises. Three bodybuilders with different backgrounds who all agrees on one thing; Progressive overload is necessary for muscle hypertrophy.

A full range of motion and perfect form has its room for individual interpretation and is not the only training style that works,or the only method these guys have ever used to train. 

"If you've noticed, we all use perfect form and we all have pretty good arm development." 

All three of them have an arm circumference that measures over 20 inches but on that same note, all three have been training for over 10-15 years. Dedication, consistency, a no compromise attitude, and a relentless pursuit are shared denominators in these guys lives.

One thing that is common between perfect form and form that can be seen as "cheating" is the overload principle. Regardless of preference of style, overload is a must or anyone will just be lifting weights vs actually training.

When an individual trains and progressively overloads the muscle, they activate stimulus that is creating an environment beneficial to getting bigger and stronger. When an individual merely lifts weight with no steady tracking of weight increase and not continually overloading the muscles week in and week out, there will naturally be a lack of stimulus to keep the body growing bigger and stronger. 

Hunter Labrada and Joe Mackey are both 9 weeks out from competing in bodybuilding at the IFBB Tampa Pro. We we will document the whole process with more training collaborations all the way up to contest time. Both of these guys are training to win. Both have to take on each day relentlessly and at 100% to keep progressing towards the stage in just two months. 

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