West Coast Update With Eric Broser - Luca

By Eric Broser

Eric: Please start off by telling GASP readers how old you are; where you are from originally and where you now reside.

Luca: I’m 45 years old. I’m originally from Italy and moved to California in 2007. Currently I reside in Marina del Rey, and I’m very proud of becoming an American citizen in 2016.

Eric: When did you start bodybuilding and what got you into it? Did you have any mentors or idols in the sport?

Luca: I started training at the age of 16 because I was extremely skinny. I used to weight 145 pounds at a height of 6’2”. To be honest, I did not have any mentors or idols in the sport, and began just to be healthier and look better.

Eric: When was your first contest and what show was it? How did you do?

Luca: Once I arrived in California I couldn’t wait to step onstage! My first show was the “Muscle Beach Championships” on the 4th of July 2008. I competed in both the open and novice division. I won the overall title in novice and placed 1st in the heavyweight open class.

Eric: At what show did you win your pro card? How did you feel when you achieved this amazing goal?

Luca: I earned my IFBB pro card at the over 40 division of the Master’s Nationals in 2016. To me it meant everything - the end of a long journey started 25 years prior.

Eric: Did you have any struggles or obstacles you had to overcome while working towards making it into the pros?

Luca: Besides few small injuries and few minor setbacks, my main obstacle was to remain motivated without being able to compete at any “National Level” show because I was not yet an American citizen. So as soon I obtained my citizenship (in 2016) I competed in 3 straight pro qualifying shows, finally locking down that coveted IFBB card in the final one.

Eric: So, you have had your pro card for a while now, but have not yet done an IFBB show. Why is this and do you think you will ever grace a pro stage?

Luca: After I got my pro card I tried to get ready for Vancouver pro in 2017 but I had to pull out 2 weeks before due to some physical issues. After that I kind of lost interest in competing and I started focusing more on my acting career. However I’d still like to do one more show before I retire 100% from bodybuilding. I am thinking about giving it a go sometime in 2021, when hopefully all is back to normal.

Eric: You are obviously a beast. At 300 lb. and a bit over 6 feet tall you have a huge frame, and you are massive head to toe. However, in our many conversations we have discussed how it is impossible to ever be satisfied. What areas of your physique do you consider weak points, and how are you trying to change that?

Luca: First of all, there are always going to be some areas I want to develop further, and I doubt I will ever be fully satisfied with my physique. At this moment I’m focusing to improve my upper chest and my back thickness. I’ve been trying for the past few months to work those areas with very heavy weights at one session and then again later in the week with a “touch up” workout.

Eric: As you mentioned, you love acting, and have appeared in many commercials and other TV projects. What are your plans and hopes for the future in this aspect of your life?

Luca: As soon as things return to normal, I definitely want to focus on improving all of the skills necessary to become a true, working actor. I really love the industry, and the financial rewards it provides vs. what I can achieve in bodybuilding.

Eric: 2020 has been a crazy year, but looking back before all of this, I want to ask you about training at “The Mecca.” When did you start lifting in the most famous gym in the world and was it a dream come true for you (like it was me) when you entered through those doors?

Luca: I moved to California from overseas almost exclusively to train at Gold’s, Venice. To have the chance to train alongside the top pros was my dream since childhood. Unfortunately, in my opinion Gold’s has changed in the past few years and it’s not like it once was. It is beginning to look more and more like any other gym, and many of the pros have gone elsewhere.

Eric: Even though bodybuilding is an individual endeavor, we all have had our share of help along the way. Anyone you wish to thank?

Luca: I’m definitely very grateful to have had the opportunity to train at “The Mecca” all these years, and I appreciate all the support and encouragement I have always had from everyone there. I would like to say a special thank you to you Eric for the kind words, support, and friendship, as well as for helping me with my prep for many of my shows.

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