GASP - A Belief and A Totem - Introduction to Cao Yu

Let's meet Chinese bodybuilder and GASP Ambassador Cao Yu!

Hello GASP family! My name is Cao Yu, I am from China! I was born in 1982, I live in Beijing. Bodybuilding and training have always been my passion and love. I have been training for over 20 years and competing since 2012. I have won several national level bodybuilding competitions, for example, I won the first place in the 85kg division of an IFBB competition in Hong Kong in 2013.

Cao Yu

I am so honored and proud to join the GASP family. I have been in love with GASP since day one. I love the relentless, no compromise training and lifestyle. GASP is a brand that is truly designed for dedicated athletes. The fit, the fabric and the look is just impeccable. For me, GASP is a belief and a totem. Now when I am officially a part of the family, I've reached my destination for a brand new start!

I am also a personal trainer, I own All Black Training Academy which holds a professional training camp every month, we limit the number of participants to 20 people to assure the quality.

Cao Yu

Now the majority of the people around the world are in quarantine. Special times demand special ways to continue chasing our dreams. It’s all about how bad you want it. I am still preparing for the 2020 Olympia China which is planned to take place in Beijing in June. I’m doing everything I can to train, eat, rest and repeat.

Adversity reveals the true character of a person. Never lose sight of your goals no matter what the circumstances are. You should hang tight to what you truly love. Stay safe and hope this will be over soon.

Cao Yu

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